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My name is Ken Spangenberg and I am the founder of Legit Commit. As a head college baseball coach, I have had the opportunity to observe, first hand, just how frustrating the recruitment process can be for a potential college recruit and their families. I found that the frustration is predominantly a consequence of a lack of assistance or a lack of quality advice.

Very few recruits are talented enough to have an abundance of college interest  and scholarship offers thrown their way. If you are not one of these players, this service is for you. My goal is to help evaluate your skill level to see where you fit, develop you as a player and a person, and help navigate and assist you throughout the entire recruiting process. The goal is to find you a college that fits your academic, financial, social, and baseball needs.

The goal is to remain small, so we can do an exceptional job for the recruits who we feel are worth representing. Only recruits and families of high character need apply.

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